Learning swedish

Answered by Sofia Murray
Hey there : that is My question Why new people in Sweden who do not have papers, have no right to learn the Swedish language and so many things ... knowing deity problem from the Swedish Immigration Service in the lack of urgency bid a quick decision right arrivals refugees to Sweden as an example that I am in Sweden two years you do not have the right to learn Swedish Is this fair? I hope that you respond to the question, that you consider the educational and cultural destinations in Sweden

If I understand your question correctly you are wondering why you don't have the right to learn Swedish while your asylum application is pending? That is partly correct as you don't have access to SFI, Swedish for immigrants, which is publicly funded. However, there are other possibilities, you can visit your local library, where you live, and borrow language courses there, several charities organize training and conversation classes - normally you will find information about this at the library too.

More information:  http://www.migrationsverket.se/Privatpersoner/Skydd-och-asyl-i-Sverige/F...


22 September 2015 - 14:58